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 CSA is a partnership between a farm and a community of supporters which provides a relationship between the production and consumption of food.  CSA participants make a commitment to support the farm throughout the season, and assume the costs, risks and bounty of growing food along with the farmer or grower.  Participating in community supported agriculture creates a responsible relationship between people and the food they eat, the land on which it is grown and those who grow it.
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Why Is Community Supported Agriculture Important? 

  • CSA's direct marketing gives farmers and growers the fairest return on their products. 

  • CSA keeps food dollars in the local community and contributes to the maintenance and    establishment of regional food production. 

  • CSA encourages communication and cooperation among farmers. 

  • With a "guaranteed market" for their produce, farmers can invest their time in doing the best job they can rather than looking for buyers. 

  • CSA supports the biodiversity of a given area and the diversity of agriculture through the preservation of small farms producing a wide variety of crops. 

  • CSA creates opportunity for dialogue between farmers and consumers. 

  • CSA creates a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of local land. 

  • CSA puts "the farmers face on food" and increases understanding of how, where, and by whom our food is grown. 

We have discontinued our annual CSA membership program.  Please support our farm by shopping in our produce stand.  Our stand at the farm is open 6 days a week and we are also at the Saturday Pomona Farmer's Market.    
Community  Supported  Agriculture
Amy's Farm Produce
We have two shopping sites available :

Amy's Farm
7698 Eucalyptus Ave.
Ontario, CA. 91762

Mondays - Saturdays
9:00 am - sunset

Pomona Farmer's Market
One block north of Holt and Garey Ave.

Saturdays 8:00 am - 11:30 am