A social perspective that places high value 
on a sustainable lifestyle, even in midst of urban settings. An agrarian believes that engagement with nature through agricultural pursuits such as gardening and farming will lead to a healthier, more fulfilling and sustainable way of life.

"Providing Agrarian Solutions for 
Urban Sustainability."

Welcome to the Southern California Agricultural Land Foundation (SCALF).  You are probably aware that our nation is forming a set of fresh perspectives on food, farming, and friendship.  Here you will learn how SCALF is attempting to create more sustainable lifestyles for individuals and local communities.  We are involved in organizing community gardens in urban spaces, acquiring land and preserving it for agricultural use, and educating children, youth, and adults about the importance of farming and its essential role for good health.  It is our hope that you will find your own unique contribution in the emerging urban agrarian movement!     Explore our site and learn more!
Our mission ~
We imagine a world…

As we look down the line of time, we see how agrarian solutions have been embraced and taken hold in Southern California, and beyond.

We see a transformation in how people think about and interact with food and the sources from which it is harvested.

We envision a future in which people find food-gardening both a necessity and a pleasure; “getting dirty” to grow food for oneself and one’s family is not avoided, but pursued with passion.

Our dream is of a world in which teachers and parents are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about agrarian ideals and they are eagerly and creatively passing their passion on to the future generations. We imagine an emerging world in which children are enjoying fruits and vegetables, working and playing in gardens, active in food preparation and resisting the lure of processed and “fast” foods.

We delightfully imagine a synergistic relationship between home food gardens, local community gardens, and regional farmers. We see a multiplication of each of these entities and we believe that such relationships will be mutually beneficial. We are convinced that collectively they provide a powerful force for community development and social justice.

We can see positive neighborhood engagement replacing senseless urban violence. We see people sharing food, friendship, labor, and stories as they create havens of hope and healing and love.

We see cities that understand economic and community development means more than just adding another row of tract homes and commercial buildings. We see “blighted” places being nurtured with care, damaged land coming back to life, and open lots providing a perpetual space for growing both good food and good relationships.

This is what we imagine. This is what we mean by agrarian solutions.

Our Values:

We aspire to ...

community life, friendships, and social justice.

health and sustainability for people and places.

agricultural lands and organic ways of growing food.
for urban sustainability
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